I feel so proud to say I am basically done. Last week before I even met with my professor, I was already proud and felt like my paper was beautiful and complete. After meeting with my professor, I am proud to say all I really have to do is read back through part two add mini headings and see if I need to make some of my paragraphs smaller.

My parents also had the chance to read through my paper. My dad said it was really good, and my mom said she was so proud. She said my thesis was beautiful, real, and it made her laugh and cry.

I worked so hard. I decided to just leave my thesis as a hard copy, but I am considering doing more in the future.

I know none of this would be possible without God. I also thank my parents Deborah Burr and Dr. Lamont Burr, my professor Dr. Maria (Mia) Christine Zamora, and my classmates Jessica Taylor and David Murphy. I truly appreciate everything.