This week I worked on revising my literature review and adding the parts that were still missing. I also had to go back and look at my introduction and revise that as well. To be completely honest, I do not know what to expect tonight. By grouping my sources, I can clearly see the areas that I have a lot of information, and the areas I probably will have to do more research on at another time. I know I made a lot of improvement as far as my sources since the last time we met. I just hope the sources I have are good enough.
Upon reviewing my own work/sources harder, I think I want to go back to what I originally said in terms of my written prayers beginning in 2015. Looking at my 2014 entry harder, I am definitely reflecting/having a conversation. I just do not think I am communicating to God. Rather I am reflecting and talking about God, which leads me to think I was either writing it to get my emotions out, encouraging myself, or contemplating posting it on social media. I am still thinking about including it though because it might be interesting to kind of look at that entry in 2014 and compare it to where I am now. I will just put it under a separate heading.
Moreover, I personally remember writing poems in notebooks, and I have a poem in one of my journals. I always wanted to write in a journal in the past, but I could never really keep up with it. I think when I was younger I would try and write about my day, but eventually I just stopped altogether. Writing to God, just completely transformed how much I write. As I learn I try to get better, but I am human so it is still a process. I am thinking about including some entries that discuss things that are really personal, but only including certain sections.