To be completely honest since last Thursday when my group met with the teacher, I have been doing a lot of thinking. After the meeting when I got back home, I went back through all my notes and thought about everything that was said. I was happy the teacher liked my topic, but I was feeling overwhelmed. Before the meeting I had already started doing research, so I knew how difficult finding the right sources for my topic would be. I was making progress, but I knew I still had a long way to go. The teacher discussing all the research I still needed just made me nervous especially since she was touching upon some of the areas I already thought about. Since I was starting to feel overwhelmed and my mother asked me about class, I started talking to her about my concerns. She could tell I was starting to overthink. Just listening to what she had to say made me feel better, and I stopped thinking about the topic for a while.

Naturally, I do not feel like I accomplished as much as I did the previous weeks, but I did manage to find the few articles I printed for my writing theory class. I looked through the articles I had and picked out certain ones. My goal right now is to read all those articles again, underline things that might help me, and write notes on the side like the teacher suggested. Teach the Motivating Force of Revision by Donald M. Murray has already helped more than I thought it would. Right now I am feeling better, and I am still praying.