Since last class, I have written a rough draft of my proposal. I have to admit it was way harder than I expected and it actually took several days just to get through writing a draft. Finding the right words to clearly express what I wanted to say and address what was asked of me at the same time for example “a problem” kept me at a few sentences for the longest. Then when I finally thought I found the right words, I did not have anything else left in me to say. The whole process just showed me what I need to work on for next week and it actually made me think about my topic more.
To be completely honest, I am a little scared. In those moments of fear or uncertainty, I have been praying. But, my written prayers usually are not geared towards one thing. My prayers tend to address everything that is on my mind and there are moments where I can be very broad and moments where I can be really specific.
The more questions arise in me the more I feel less confident about my topic. While writing my rough proposal I questioned how different my topic is because of a source I found, but then at the same time a lack of finding abundant sources at this time have kind of answered that question. I found someone/something that can help me but with the vision I have I need way more than just that. I just keep reminding myself that this topic is sticking with me for a reason, and although I am nervous I feel like I am still in a better place than I usually am.
So as of right now, I have made up my mind to keep researching to see what else I can find. Maybe I will have to add more of the creative aspect to make this project work or maybe what I am looking for will just take a lot of digging. Hopefully, I will have more certainty by my next blog.